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Nikka, All Malt, Japanese Whisky Blend

In general, Nikka blended whisky is created from malt whisky made from barley malt in pot stills, and grain whisky made by distilling corn and other grains in a patent (Coffey) still. The main feature of the All Malt process is that top-quality barley malt is used instead of corn, resulting in a whisky made entirely from malt.

All-malt whisky, made from barley alone and blended from malts matured over long periods of time, is blessed with a deep scent and mellow taste.

Size: 700 ml
ABV: 40.0%
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Nikka from The Barrel (with gift box)

Whisky From The Barrel forms part of a series of vatted whiskies that are released by Nikka. Vatted whiskies are produced using single malts that are mixed together. These single malts may be of differing ages and from different distilleries. They are similar to blended whiskies in this respect, but blends include whisky made from other grains. Vatted whiskies only include single malt whisky produced from malted barley. In this case, Nikka have used different ages of single malt from both Miyagikyo and Yoichi and married them together over time.

"Whisky From The Barrel" is a multi award winning whisky, including scooping the Best Japanese Blended/Vatted Whisky prize at The World Whisky Awards 2007 and 2010.

This Blend is produced with grain and malt from Miyagikyo and malt from Yoichi distillery. Nikka from the barrel is matured in first fill bourbon casks.

World Whisky Awards 2011, winner 'Japanese Blended, No Age Statement'

  • Includes presentation gift box.
Size: 500 ml
ABV: 51.0%
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Nikka, Pure Malt 'Black' Japanese Whisky Blend

Mainly composed of Yoichi distillery malt, 'Black' is characterized by powerful peat, rich taste and firm flavor.

Nikka produces three pure or vatted malts (officially known as blended malts now) with colour titles. Nikka Pure Malt Black mainly contains malts from the Yoichi distillery, Nikka Pure Malt Red is composed around Miyagikyou malt and Nikka Pure Malt White is a blend of Yoichi and Islay malts.

"Nose: a nice marriage of sweet, fruity notes (peach marmalade, oranges) and dry, earthy notes (peat, faint smoke, oak). Noticeable vanilla. Hints of flowery honey. Mouth: more peat now, even phenolic hints of gouache. Slightly peppery. Ripe fruits and a bit of toffee. Salty hints of liquorice in the very end. Finish: spices, sweet cocoa and smoke.

A good all-rounder with a firm character and balanced peat"


Size: 500 ml
ABV: 43.0%
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Nikka, Rare Old Super, Japanese Whisky Blend

One of Nikka's classic brands, Super Nikka has been a top seller since it was put on the market in 1962. Its luxuriant aroma, gentle hints of peat and scent of aged sherry casks are all in harmony, and its flavor is smooth, rounded and well-balanced.

"Opulent and gently peaty with the essence of aged sherry casks, this whisky goes down smooth with a well-rounded and balanced flavor"

ISC 2008 Gold Medal winner.

Size: 700 ml
ABV: 43.0%
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